IDT Finance is uniquely placed within the European Prepaid card industry. Few, if any, European Prepaid organisations combine the flexibility and experience of being a regulated bank, principal members of Visa Europe Limited and MasterCard International Incorporated with expertise in the development, production and distribution of their own products.

As an issuing bank, IDT Finance is able to provide BIN Sponsorship Services to third parties who are not financial institutions; this service enables the launch of tailored MasterCard or Visa Prepaid offerings to meet their specific program requirements. A BIN number is the first 6 digits that appear on a card and identifies the bank that has issued the program.

IDT Finance is placed at the forefront of Prepaid, working alongside the largest and most reputable partners in the value chain. Combining our wealth of knowledge and niche place in the industry we are able to offer our clients the best BIN Sponsorship Service in Europe.

For more information on our services please contact our Business Development team via email at or by phone 00350 20079616