What is Prepaid?

Prepaid cards are payment cards similar to credit or debit cards. They offer a secure payment option and are widely accepted online, in stores, restaurants and cinemas; depending on the brand mark on the card, you can make a purchase wherever the MasterCard or Visa brand mark are displayed. The Prepaid card looks like a normal credit or debit card however unlike a credit or debit card, the card is preloaded with cash.

This means that:
  • Users can only spend the amount that is loaded onto the card.
  • There is no overdraft facility.
  • There are no interest charges or APR.
  • A Prepaid card does not need to be linked to a bank account or credit card.

The Advantages of Prepaid

A Prepaid card offers the cardholder outstanding value for money. A branded Prepaid card program can help a business drive sales, loyalty and brand awareness as well as streamline internal processes.

Enhance brand awareness and name recognition
An own-branded card will align your business with the reputable MasterCard or Visa brands.

Reward customer/staff loyalty
Enhance existing relationships, offer rewards, and create loyalty clubs.

Customer acquisition and retention
Tap into lucrative new market segments – online shoppers, those who are new in Europe and those who don’t hold a bank account. Prepaid can make your business more accessible.

Lucrative revenue source
A Prepaid card program can generate ongoing revenue through usage and transaction fees.

Payroll & expense management
Prepaid cards can eliminate much of the administration associated with internal processes.

Customer profiling
Gain insight into your customers’ purchasing decisions and patterns. What they spend, when and where.