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Launch a payment
card programme

Tailormade payment services to bring your card
programme to market, executed to perfection

Issuing Mastercard and Visa
payment cards

So, what does launching a card programme
with IDT Finance look like?

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A Dedicated Team

We’ll assign you a dedicated Client Relationship
Manager to navigate you through the process and
take care of the Mastercard and Visa relationships.

Backed up by our in-house team of expert
consultants across all aspects of banking, your Client
Relationship Manager will lead you towards success.

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Project Management

We’ll take care of the implementation of all
programmes and functionalities.

We’ll make sure your messaging is compliant with
approval on all marketing communications.

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We’ll provide you with policies, including the Anti
Money Laundering (AML) manual, and design the
Terms and Conditions for all card programmes.

We’ll also monitor compliance with Mastercard
and Visa rules to ensure speedy approval.

We’ll ensure regulatory compliance with
legislation in all issuing regions.

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Get peace of mind as we remain responsible for
the reconciliation and safeguarding of customer
funds, as well as daily spend settlements to
Mastercard and Visa.

We cover chargeback processing to ensure a
streamlined resolution.

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Our unique setup and extensive skillset
allows us to facilitate the addition of Apple
and Google Pay accounts integrated with
your card programme, bringing a fresh
perspective to drive growth.

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Oversight and auditing card programmes with AML,
primary and secondary level transaction monitoring
to ensure suspicious activity is quickly identified.

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Apple Pay and Google Pay

Our card issuing solutions include mobile
payment technologies, so your customers
can tap as they go.

We offer a range
of consumer and business payment card solutions

  • Corporate expense cards
  • Payroll and Payroll Plus cards
  • Gaming payout cards
  • Emergency relief cards
  • National ID cards
  • Fuel cards
  • Corporate payment cards
  • General Purpose Reloadable prepaid cards
  • Gift cards
  • Distressed Passenger cards
  • Social Benefits cards
  • Travel cards
  • Child and teen
  • Corporate incentive cards
  • Meal and food vouchers
  • Mobility cards

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