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BIN Sponsorship

We provide BIN Sponsorship for Mastercard and Visa card programmes.

If you're looking to efficiently access Mastercard and Visa payment networks for your physical and virtual prepaid debit cards, IDT Finance can support.

Fast-track BIN Sponsorship

Through a partnership with us, you can gain approval and
launch your card programme quickly.

BIN Sponsorship is a common alternative to gaining direct
Principal membership. This decision allows you to cut
through the complex and costly process, while gaining all
of the benefits of Mastercard or Visa payment cards.

What a BIN Sponsor does

As well as issuing physical and virtual cards and e-wallets, a BIN
Sponsor ensures full compliance and security.

This covers compliance with local regulations and network rules,
risk management, ecosystem due diligence, and stakeholder
reconciliation and settlement.

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BIN Migration

If you’re looking to switch BIN issuers, we can
provide a seamless transition from your current
issuing partner to us.

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Expanded Services

Alongside standard BIN Sponsor services, we
offer a single contract for issuing services,
processor and card manufacturer direct to our
partners or via a programme manager. This
reduces complexity and time to launch.

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Why choose
BIN Sponsorship?

By launching your card programme with IDT
Finance’s existing direct partnerships, you can
forget the long waits and approval process –
we’ve already done it for you.

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What is a BIN?

A Bank Identification Number (BIN) is an identifier
for the card issuer of a payment card. The first
digit identifies the industry, and the following 3-5
digits identify the financial institution that issues
the card.

In line with the new ISO standard, Mastercard
and Visa also supports eight-digit BINs.

Launching a card programme?

Tailormade strategies to bring your card to market, executed to perfection.

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